YMCA Summer Camp Guide

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YMCA Summer Camp Guide

Graphic Design

This 44-page, 7"x10" brochure was created for Mission Valley YMCA and Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, CA (regional facilities of the second-largest YMCA association in the U.S.) to promote their 2016 summer camp program for youth.

With brand guidelines to bear in mind and a themed cover page provided by corporate, our challenge was to lay out the brochure's internal content in a way that was both on-brand and engaging. Because of the overlapping angles in the original cover page design, colorful rectangles were carried over and layered throughout the overall brochure's design. The target audience primarily included mothers making childcare decisions for their kids ages 5–17, and this program was distributed via direct mail as well as on-site at both YMCA locations.

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