YMCA Ad Insert

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YMCA Ad Insert

Graphic Design

This 6.75"x8.88", double-sided flyer was created for Mission Valley YMCA, Toby Wells YMCA, and Copley-Price Family YMCA in San Diego, CA (regional facilities of the second-largest YMCA association in the U.S.) to increase membership at their facilities in 2015.

It served as an ad insert that was distributed in the Get1Free coupon magazine that is directly mailed to residents throughout San Diego. Corporate brand guidelines defined the imagery, fonts. and colors accepted for use, including solid icons and rounded elements. Copy was largely provided by the client, with room for editing as dictated by design needs; photos consisted of both those provided by corporate.

As part of a direct mail campaign, the challenge here was to showcase a clear call-to-action with a special offer (free trial) along with the many features and activities available at the YMCA facilities. Its target audience included potential YMCA members, especially mothers making healthcare and childcare decisions for their families.

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