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Joanna Fernandez

In the book Range, author David Epstein describes the kinds of people he calls "generalists," who strive for breadth of knowledge in addition to depth of knowledge, demonstrating range in their more diverse experience across multiple fields.

When Joanna read this book, she immediately knew she could be described as such a generalist. After all, to call her a marketing professional or a designer doesn't actually encompass what she does. Although she graduated with a journalism degree from San Diego State University and then first began her career as a graphic designer in the more traditional marketing space, she's since picked up anything that life has put down before her, including digital marketing skills like web development/design, email marketing, social media advertising, and campaign reporting and analytics — all in a professional capacity.

There's a stigma that a jack-of-all-trade is also a master-of-none, but Joanna's certainly never been accused of being the latter. To say she's a fast learner would also be misleading — at her core, Joanna just thoroughly enjoys finding solutions to problems and expanding her toolkit to do so more effectively each time. With every new problem comes a new solution, and these diverse experiences have helped her develop the kind of systematic approach that's necessary for effective, modern marketing.
Guided By

Core Values

The Pursuit Of Knowledge

Joanna welcomes every moment as an opportunity to learn, embracing every instance with a sense of optimism and an open mind. Her personal mission in life is to continuously grow in any capacity she can, and to never be satisfied in stagnancy.

Collaboration & communication

At its core, marketing is a form of communication, for which collaboration is key. Joanna approaches every interaction with the sense of safety and freedom to communicate expected results, verbalize decisions, and share feedback.

Systems-focused Solutions

Very few things in life, let alone business, live in silos. By viewing her work with a systematic perspective, Joanna understands that many factors determine the approach and results of any project or campaign, seeing the connections that others might miss.

Trial By Fire & Trial-and-Error

Sometimes you just don't know unless you try. While many people fear uncertainty, Joanna's curiosity for experimentation is also driven by her desire to make increasingly better-educated decisions as she moves forward. After all, mistakes are marked only by a failure to learn from them.

Intention & Strategy

As a result of Joanna's combined values in knowledge and experimentation, she loves to apply what she's learned from past experiences toward solving new problems. She's not satisfied to just check the box or go through the motions — she looks to rationalize the "why" behind any decision-making.

metric-driven Analysis

As in all things business, marketing results should be measurable by numbers and KPIs, and technology makes it so easy nowadays to collect campaign data. Not only is Joanna savvy at crafting creative, she also possesses a knack for numbers that leads to insightful analysis when determining the success of a project.
A Bit of Background

Professional Experience

Nonprofit Communications

Joanna first began her professional career in the nonprofit industry, starting at the YMCA before she moved onto a media arts organization and another nationally-known nonprofit, United Way. Although she now currently works in the for-profit space, she is still passionate about giving back through volunteerism or working with nonprofit clients.


Starting her career as a part of an in-house marketing team taught Joanna how to develop a deep understanding of a business' brand or product. This engrained in her the value and importance of a well-protected brand identity across all aspects of marketing and communications, delivering cohesive and effective messages for businesses.

Startup & Agency Environments

Joanna's experience in the startup and agency environments taught her how to thrive in a world of swift innovation and fast results. The breadth of specialties across multiple teams also further bolstered her desire to broaden her toolkit of digital marketing services and skills, allowing her to deliver a more well-rounded approach to working on any project.

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